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Gary Ranker, The Global Senior Executive Coach
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Gary Ranker, The Global Senior Executive Coach
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Gary Ranker hosts The Conference Board Best of Executive Coaching - DVDs available through The Conference Board   

Global Mindset Leadership:  Navigating China and U.S. Business Cultures

Political Dilemmas at Work by Gary Ranker, with Colin Gautrey and Mike Phipps



Gary Ranker - One of the Fathers of Executive Coaching

Gary has worked and lived on four continents as a CEO for Hallmark Cards and Textron companies. He also served as the Managing Director-Europe for Sales and Marketing across 10 European subsidiaries of Hallmark Cards.   He brings a truly global mindset to his international practice, coaching the Chairmen, CEOs and other senior executives of Fortune 500 companies around the world.   He is based in Manhattan in the USA, and spends about three-quarters of his time travelling the world serving the needs of his global clients.

Gary is one of the pioneers of the coaching profession, having been approached by General Electric in 1989 to be one of Jack Welch’s first coaches. He was charged with helping top managers to consider behavioral and management changes in style, which eventually became known as ‘executive coaching’.

Significant frequency of coaching contact with Gary over a longer period of time is an integral part of his clients' success.  Most people find Gary's coaching the most intense developmental learning experience of their life.  He helps leaders develop global mindset so they are able to step beyond their own base culture to lead successfully in today's hyper-connected business environment.

He is cited by Forbes as being one of the top five executive coaches in the world, London’s Financial Times described him as one of the 50 most important global thought leaders, and by Global Gurus as one of the Top 20 Coaching Professionals.   


Gary's first book Political Dilemmas at Work is a practical guide to surviving negative political situations at work. His 2014 book Global Mindset Leadership: Navigating China and US Business Cultures has been described by both Chinese and Western leaders as helpful, accurate and even-handed.  His 2016 book Global Mindset Coaching is about the globalization of business and the role of coaching in developing managers' global mindset.  In 2018 Gary will publish a novel based on his ancestors' lives in the San Francisco, California area following the Gold Rush of the mid-1850's.  Gary has begun work on his 2017 book Global Mindset Management which will be a compilation of chapters authored by global CEOs.

Business Experience

CEO, Hallmark Cards Germany (Gary managed the company in the German language.)
Co-in charge, Hallmark Cards UK
Director Sales & Marketing, Hallmark Cards Europe
CEO, Textron Australia
CEO, Textron New Zealand
Marketing Director, University of Southern California School of Business

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Psychology & Sociology, University of Redlands, Redlands, CA, US
Graduate degree in Global Management, Thunderbird School of Global Management, Phoenix, AZ, US
Diploma, Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft International Business, Cologne, Germany
Ph.D., Human and Organizational Development, Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA, US


You are going to love working with Gary. Gary coached me in 1995-1996 and frankly he is still giving me advice, coaching tips and suggestions for making me a better leader and a better person today.

Gary has worked with a large number (probably more than 100) of senior GE executives and had a positive impact on them as individuals and on their career.

Gary is recognized by Forbes magazines as one of the top 5 coaches in the world. I am sure you will find this a valuable, rewarding and enriching experience.

Enjoy the experience.

Steve Sargent
Officer, General Electric Company.

Gary interviews Frances Hesselbein in her NYC office, her walls lined with photos of her visits with U.S. Presidents and other leaders, for his upcoming book "Global Mindset Coaching".


LIXIL executives invite Gary Ranker to tour a Ken Depot location in Tokyo.

Gary Ranker Shanghai
Gary Wang of MindSpan hosted dinner with Gary Ranker in Shanghai late November 2014 with women from COACH, B.Braun, and Starbucks, all heads of Human Resources for China.


Gary in LIXIL concept home with Tokyo executives.


Gary Ranker at Fudan University in Shanghai

Gary presenting a speech about his specialty, global mindset leadership, to 150 senior Chinese executives at top Chinese business school, Fudan University in Shanghai.




Gary Ranker speaks at Thunderbird Najafi Global Mindset Institute's Developing Leaders for Global Roles Summit about his role in the global mindset executive coaching profession and his experiences worldwide with senior global leaders.

From left: Tak (head of NYC office), Miki (asst to Itoh), Denise (TCB), Gary, Keiko (officer of COACH A) having dinner at Les Sans Culottes (French) restaurant in NYC 57th St/2nd Avenue during The Conference Board's Executive Coaching Conference NYC March 27+28, 2012
Gary Ranker, Keynote Speaker, International Coaching Conference, Taipei, Taiwan December 2011


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Marilyn McLeod
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Gary typically travels 400,000 - 500,000 miles each year to serve his global clients in:

Hong Kong
United Kingdom
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